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Sonoran Desert Herpetological Society

Conserving Arizonas wildlife through education and a relocation program.

We provide free reptile removal/relocation valley wide to the public. Please call us at 480.585.0148 24/7.

The Sonoran Desert Herpetological Society is a not for profit organization. All donations made go to help fund our public educational programs and support the relocation of wildlife.


We provide the following:
  • Reptile Rescue/Relocation (24 hrs)
  • Snake Awarness Programs
  • Educational Displays
  • Birthday Parties
  • Dwelling Inspections
  • Referrals

Important infomational quick links:

Bites and Sting Information

Rattlesnake identification pictures

Other venomous snakes of Arizona pictures

Non venomous snakes of Arizona pictures

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Wildlife calls on 01.02.03:
1 Western Diamondback
Wildlife calls on 01.03.03:
1 Green Iguana
Wildlife calls on 01.04.03:
1 Western Diamondback
Wildlife calls on 01.06.03:
1 Green Iguana
Wildlife calls on 01.12.03:
1 Western Diamondback
Wildlife calls on 01.14.03:
1 Corn Snake
1 Ball Python
1 Western Box Turtle
1 Red Ear Slider
Wildlife calls on 01.16.03:
1 Green Iguana
Wildlife calls on 01.27.03:
1 Common Kingsnake

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